The Marvelous Choice of Golf Courses in Sweden

Sweden’s southernmost province is the region of Skåne. This wonderful place has the largest selection of golf courses in the country, all of which boast different designs. From the central point of Skåne, you can have access to a whopping 70 golf courses – all of which are no more than an hour away by car.

The golf courses in this region are quintessentially English, in that they have the character of a beautiful park. They are also are hilly and short. There are also seaside golf courses which replicate those in Scotland as they are filled with heather and sand dunes. These courses are certainly fun for British tourists who are greeted by a home away from home.

The “Golf Capital of Sweden” can be found in Halmsted, in the lovely province of Halland, and this is another region to head for if you are looking for top quality golfing. Halmstad and Kungsback in particular, offer a considerable number of state-of-the-art golf courses. And Halmstad’s Ringenäs Golf Club is certainly worth a visit, as is the Scandinavian School of Golf, which is ideal for anyone wanting to play golf and study the academic side of this illustrious sport.

There are a also a few hugely popular courses to the south of Dalarna, especially in the areas of Ludvika, Gagnef, Falun and Borlänge. And golfing under the midnight sun is available at certain time so the year north of the arctic circle, in Lapland.

Some of the best rated Swedish golf courses include: the island of Gotland’s, Visby Golfklubb, although this region is prone to changing winds. Ödeshög, Östergötland’s Ombergs Golfklubb, which looks out on Lake Vättern, and Falsterbo’s Ljunghusens Golfklubb in Falsterbo, which is situated by the sea in Skån.

With such a vast selection of golf courses, there is something for everyone, and so much to explore.