Sweden’s Key to Success in the Golf Industry

Within the sphere of the global golf industry, even though Sweden has relatively short playable seasons, this beautiful country’s market for golf always shows its indomitable strength an spirit in regard to the development of players, the number of rounds played, and golfer participation. Incredibly, Sweden has under 10 million people, yet at the present time, at 5.1%, they boast the largest rate of golf participation worldwide. So what is Sweden’s key to success?

One factor which has made the Swedish Golf Market successful, it its concentration on golf for the whole family, an the development of junior golf. And while this cannot be classed as a cutting-edge approach, the first-class facilities and environment for playing golf in Sweden are a cut above the rest, and continue to lead the way.

And on the subject of family participation, regarding the inclusion of partners and wives with their boyfriends or husbands having fun on the golf course, a whopping 26% of females form part of Sweden’s golfing exponents. Sweden’s good fortune in the golf market for females begins at a basic level which involves introducing and showing junior females the wonderful benefits of this sport, including socialising with other girls and boys of their own age, as well as fostering a competitive approach.

The golf club structures are one of the industry’s greatest assets which have resulted in the huge and continued participation of junior golfers. Sweden boasts a special system in which juniors can be golf club members, and the clubs are not under any obligation to give them adult membership later down the line. It generates a strategy whereby more youths can enjoy access to different golf clubs where they can learn how to play, practice, and socialise. This gets them interested in this sport from a young age, and hopefully keeps them interested in staying active all their lives.