Sweden’s Golf Play

Betting on golf tournaments is great fun, and it can be financially rewarding. Sometimes people have a favourite golfer such as Jordan Spieth or Rory McIlroy, that they like to bet on, while others keep up to date on which players are having great success, and then place their bets accordingly.

The great thing about making bets on golf, is that there is a choice between minor and major games, and unlike other sports, you can bet on golf all year round.

What are the Betting Options and Basic Odds?

The most popular way to bet on golf is to make a wager on the golf player that you think is most likely to come first in a tournament. The betting board normally features Jordan Spieth on the top of all the competitions he is partaking in, and shows him as a favourite of + 500 (5 to1) or + 400 (4 to 1). So if for example, you placed a bet for $100, if the odds on the sportsbook were 5 to 1, then you would win five times what you bet, making $500. The odds for a much less successful or new golfer could for example, be 10 to 1. This is where players have a chance to win big, and if, using this scenario, you wagered $100, then you would win ten times this amount, $1,000.

In addition to making a wager on the golfer who you think will win, side bets are often the norm in tournaments as well. For instance, a gambler who wants to put a wager that McIlroy will do better than Spieth at a tournament, is able to wager McIlroy heads up against Spieth. It would not matter where these golfers came within the standings overall, as this wager would just cover which golfer completed the tournament with the highest score.

So join in the golfing fun, and the very best of luck with your bets!