Golfing in Glorious Sweden

The golfing nation of Sweden is one of the most beautiful countries on the planet on account of its its magnificent geography which has endowed it with rich emerald green woodlands and forests. The south of the country is mainly agricultural, with the forest areas expands towards the north. Western Sweden boasts a panorama of luscious green hills and majestic mountains.

Thanks to the cutting-edge golf courses as well as Annika Sörenstam, the superb Swedish golfing legend, and Henrik Stenson and Carl Petterson, both of whom are top PGA Tour players, Sweden now ranks as a leading golf nation. This feat is really something considering that the country has an extended winter, and just goes to show how welcoming the country is to foreign golfers as well as its own population.

Sweden is home to almost 500 superb golf courses, and the Swedish Golf Federation has close to half a million members, and on top of this, there are a substantial number of open golf courses. Sweden’s golfing landscape is second to none, and some of the most spectacular courses run along the stupendous coastline, or are carved out through enormous pine forests, and have gushing streams running next to them.

The Swedish population is known for its hospitality, and when it comes to leisure and tourist industries such as golf, the Swedes are extremely organised and efficient. Because of this, anyone visiting a golf course, whether it is a one-off occasion, or as a short or long standing member, will be made to feel welcome. New exponents will be shown around the grounds, and told about the different attributes of the club. They will also be offered lessons if they are interested, and will be informed about various social occasions where they can get to meet and mingle with club members.