Global Junior Golf in Sweden

For the first time in golfing history, Sweden is proud to be hosting Global Junior Golf in the summer of 2017. Leading junior golfers from across the globe will be participating this August between the 3rd and the 6th on a fabulous course named the Golf Uppsala/Söderby, which is close to the renowned Swedish capital of Stockholm. This venue is well known to golf aficionados, as along with other large competitions, it has hosted seven Nordea Tour events.

All over the world, golfers recognise Sweden’s excellent dedicated junior program. One of the program’s recent successes was the huge number of players who made the grade to join the European tour after studying at the Swedish QSchool. The aim of Global Junior Golf will be to enable youngsters to contend at a venue such as this one in Sweden, and experience the exciting aspects of touring diverse countries, and being introduced to new cultures through the great bonding of sport.

Those eligible to play include two leading nation choices, and GJG Tour event winners. Participants aged 21 and below are eligible to take part in the 21 golf league, and those aged 18 and below are able to be part of the GJG Tour. The Swedish Junior Classics represents a tournament that is co-sanctioned. And just as with any Global Junior Golf tournament, with regard to the Greg Norman’s Academy’s Junior’s Invitational Grand Final, the Junior Classics at Golf Uppsala/Söderby, comprise a U18 qualifier.

Mr. Jonas Ekström, Golf Uppsala’s managing director and his team have been very busy making preparations for this exciting tournament, and the first time honor of being host to the Swedish Junior Classics. They are working very hard to ensure that both the junior golfers and all spectators from both inside Sweden, and visitors from other European countries, the United States, and beyond, really have the time of their lives.