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Golf Courses in Las Vegas

Although it may be known worldwide for its parties, bars and [casinos:[mr green, Las Vegas is becoming more and more popular with golfers who want to play on a course with a difference. In this post, we’ll look at four of the best golf courses in the City of Lights and surrounding areas:

Bali Hai Golf Club

Bali Hai Golf Club is the only championship golf course located on Las Vegas’ world-renowned strip, meaning it’s a must-play if you’re planning to head over. Originally opened in 1952, and inspired by the South Pacific, it’s previously hosted the PGA Tournament of Champions. Best of all, everyone is welcome – from serious players to bachelorette parties!

TPC Las Vegas

First built in 1996, with the help and advice of former Masters, US Open and USPGA champion Raymond Floyd, TPC Las Vegas is located in Summerlin, on the west side of the city. A previous host of the Las Vegas Senior Classic, the course is challenging for both seasoned pros and beginners, with the par-4 13th, known as ‘Death Valley’, a particular highlight.

Las Vegas Country Club

A parkland-style private course – green fees are around $80 – Las Vegas Country Club has been operating for over 50 years. A previous host of the LPGA Takefuji Classic, it’s located in the Winchester area of Las Vegas.

Shadow Creek Golf Course

An exclusive course built in 1989 by a casino magnate, Shadow Creek charges green fees of $500, meaning that only the most dedicated play there. Often ranked among the top 25 golf courses in the world, if you’re lucky enough to get in, you can count yourself alongside. PGA professionals and even ex-presidents.

Heading to Las Vegas for a stag or hen party? Don’t forget to book a round at one of these courses – you won’t regret it!

Sweden’s Golf Play

Betting on golf tournaments is great fun, and it can be financially rewarding. Sometimes people have a favourite golfer such as Jordan Spieth or Rory McIlroy, that they like to bet on, while others keep up to date on which players are having great success, and then place their bets accordingly.

The great thing about making bets on golf, is that there is a choice between minor and major games, and unlike other sports, you can bet on golf all year round.

What are the Betting Options and Basic Odds?

The most popular way to bet on golf is to make a wager on the golf player that you think is most likely to come first in a tournament. The betting board normally features Jordan Spieth on the top of all the competitions he is partaking in, and shows him as a favourite of + 500 (5 to1) or + 400 (4 to 1). So if for example, you placed a bet for $100, if the odds on the sportsbook were 5 to 1, then you would win five times what you bet, making $500. The odds for a much less successful or new golfer could for example, be 10 to 1. This is where players have a chance to win big, and if, using this scenario, you wagered $100, then you would win ten times this amount, $1,000.

In addition to making a wager on the golfer who you think will win, side bets are often the norm in tournaments as well. For instance, a gambler who wants to put a wager that McIlroy will do better than Spieth at a tournament, is able to wager McIlroy heads up against Spieth. It would not matter where these golfers came within the standings overall, as this wager would just cover which golfer completed the tournament with the highest score.

So join in the golfing fun, and the very best of luck with your bets!

Global Junior Golf in Sweden

For the first time in golfing history, Sweden is proud to be hosting Global Junior Golf in the summer of 2017. Leading junior golfers from across the globe will be participating this August between the 3rd and the 6th on a fabulous course named the Golf Uppsala/Söderby, which is close to the renowned Swedish capital of Stockholm. This venue is well known to golf aficionados, as along with other large competitions, it has hosted seven Nordea Tour events.

All over the world, golfers recognise Sweden’s excellent dedicated junior program. One of the program’s recent successes was the huge number of players who made the grade to join the European tour after studying at the Swedish QSchool. The aim of Global Junior Golf will be to enable youngsters to contend at a venue such as this one in Sweden, and experience the exciting aspects of touring diverse countries, and being introduced to new cultures through the great bonding of sport.

Those eligible to play include two leading nation choices, and GJG Tour event winners. Participants aged 21 and below are eligible to take part in the 21 golf league, and those aged 18 and below are able to be part of the GJG Tour. The Swedish Junior Classics represents a tournament that is co-sanctioned. And just as with any Global Junior Golf tournament, with regard to the Greg Norman’s Academy’s Junior’s Invitational Grand Final, the Junior Classics at Golf Uppsala/Söderby, comprise a U18 qualifier.

Mr. Jonas Ekström, Golf Uppsala’s managing director and his team have been very busy making preparations for this exciting tournament, and the first time honor of being host to the Swedish Junior Classics. They are working very hard to ensure that both the junior golfers and all spectators from both inside Sweden, and visitors from other European countries, the United States, and beyond, really have the time of their lives.

The Marvelous Choice of Golf Courses in Sweden

Sweden’s southernmost province is the region of Skåne. This wonderful place has the largest selection of golf courses in the country, all of which boast different designs. From the central point of Skåne, you can have access to a whopping 70 golf courses – all of which are no more than an hour away by car.

The golf courses in this region are quintessentially English, in that they have the character of a beautiful park. They are also are hilly and short. There are also seaside golf courses which replicate those in Scotland as they are filled with heather and sand dunes. These courses are certainly fun for British tourists who are greeted by a home away from home.

The “Golf Capital of Sweden” can be found in Halmsted, in the lovely province of Halland, and this is another region to head for if you are looking for top quality golfing. Halmstad and Kungsback in particular, offer a considerable number of state-of-the-art golf courses. And Halmstad’s Ringenäs Golf Club is certainly worth a visit, as is the Scandinavian School of Golf, which is ideal for anyone wanting to play golf and study the academic side of this illustrious sport.

There are a also a few hugely popular courses to the south of Dalarna, especially in the areas of Ludvika, Gagnef, Falun and Borlänge. And golfing under the midnight sun is available at certain time so the year north of the arctic circle, in Lapland.

Some of the best rated Swedish golf courses include: the island of Gotland’s, Visby Golfklubb, although this region is prone to changing winds. Ödeshög, Östergötland’s Ombergs Golfklubb, which looks out on Lake Vättern, and Falsterbo’s Ljunghusens Golfklubb in Falsterbo, which is situated by the sea in Skån.

With such a vast selection of golf courses, there is something for everyone, and so much to explore.

Golfing in Glorious Sweden

The golfing nation of Sweden is one of the most beautiful countries on the planet on account of its its magnificent geography which has endowed it with rich emerald green woodlands and forests. The south of the country is mainly agricultural, with the forest areas expands towards the north. Western Sweden boasts a panorama of luscious green hills and majestic mountains.

Thanks to the cutting-edge golf courses as well as Annika Sörenstam, the superb Swedish golfing legend, and Henrik Stenson and Carl Petterson, both of whom are top PGA Tour players, Sweden now ranks as a leading golf nation. This feat is really something considering that the country has an extended winter, and just goes to show how welcoming the country is to foreign golfers as well as its own population.

Sweden is home to almost 500 superb golf courses, and the Swedish Golf Federation has close to half a million members, and on top of this, there are a substantial number of open golf courses. Sweden’s golfing landscape is second to none, and some of the most spectacular courses run along the stupendous coastline, or are carved out through enormous pine forests, and have gushing streams running next to them.

The Swedish population is known for its hospitality, and when it comes to leisure and tourist industries such as golf, the Swedes are extremely organised and efficient. Because of this, anyone visiting a golf course, whether it is a one-off occasion, or as a short or long standing member, will be made to feel welcome. New exponents will be shown around the grounds, and told about the different attributes of the club. They will also be offered lessons if they are interested, and will be informed about various social occasions where they can get to meet and mingle with club members.

Sweden’s Key to Success in the Golf Industry

Within the sphere of the global golf industry, even though Sweden has relatively short playable seasons, this beautiful country’s market for golf always shows its indomitable strength an spirit in regard to the development of players, the number of rounds played, and golfer participation. Incredibly, Sweden has under 10 million people, yet at the present time, at 5.1%, they boast the largest rate of golf participation worldwide. So what is Sweden’s key to success?

One factor which has made the Swedish Golf Market successful, it its concentration on golf for the whole family, an the development of junior golf. And while this cannot be classed as a cutting-edge approach, the first-class facilities and environment for playing golf in Sweden are a cut above the rest, and continue to lead the way.

And on the subject of family participation, regarding the inclusion of partners and wives with their boyfriends or husbands having fun on the golf course, a whopping 26% of females form part of Sweden’s golfing exponents. Sweden’s good fortune in the golf market for females begins at a basic level which involves introducing and showing junior females the wonderful benefits of this sport, including socialising with other girls and boys of their own age, as well as fostering a competitive approach.

The golf club structures are one of the industry’s greatest assets which have resulted in the huge and continued participation of junior golfers. Sweden boasts a special system in which juniors can be golf club members, and the clubs are not under any obligation to give them adult membership later down the line. It generates a strategy whereby more youths can enjoy access to different golf clubs where they can learn how to play, practice, and socialise. This gets them interested in this sport from a young age, and hopefully keeps them interested in staying active all their lives.