A Brief History of Swedish Golf

A Brief History of Swedish Golf

Back in the middle of the 1960s when Sven Tumba, the Swedish sports star decided to turn his hand to golf, thousands of middle class Swedes became interested in taking it up, More »


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Anyone who loves golf, will be interested in reading all about one of the greatest and most geologically beautiful golf nations in the world, Sweden. On this website you can learn about what made Sweden into the golf mecca that it is today, and why the country has so many citizens who are interested in playing golf. You will also get to find out why a whopping twenty percent of golfers are juniors aged twenty and below. And why golf is often a family activity, and why so many women love to take to the greens.

People visit Sweden for a golfing vacation from all over the world, and on this site you can see just why they travel so far by learning about what is on offer that makes this spectacular Nordic country a top golf holiday destination. You will also get to understand the way that the courses operate, and find out about the vast selection of architecturally diverse golf courses all over the country.

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You will also learn about different tournaments, and the way in which golf is promoted as an open sport to encourage more people to participate. You will be fascinated by the rise, fall and resurrection of Sweden’s huge golfing industry, and the fact that Sweden was one of the last golfing nations to suffer from a fall in golfers. You will also get to learn about how the country reinvented itself to become one of the world’s leading golf nations, and how various exciting and beneficial structures were put into place to elevate the golf industry after its slump. Great benefits that holiday golfers to Sweden can take advantage of.